Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is the big deal in it???

From two days i was thinking about why cant we change the mindset of people...for each and everything people have problem..may be women commission or some or human rights people or our dear neighbors..

for eg: miss kerala contest happened on 5th august i cant imagine what all noutanki all these human tights people made..."its against culture..they are forcing gals to show their flesh" and what all bla blaas...what is the need for all these. all these contests are happening from long time and every time 1 day b4 the contest they will come up with something...all these are just publicity stunts.

dont know why these people has to do so much, no one is forcing anyone to do anything. every one is having their own wish. from birth they have the rite to think and do what the want. and i dont think Indian gals will go against their culture. what ever they do they will be having the feeling of being an Indian in their mind.

Another thing i noticed in issues against live in relations- i was going thru an article which my friend has wrote about live-in relations. its true that its a western culture, but now a days Indians also started admitting these culture. b4 and all when guy and gal fell in love they wanna get married and have happy happy married life, but now the whole scenario has changed now a days gals and boys are more focused on their carrier than a married life, they dont wanna be in any commitments. i feel they are not wrong in what they are doing after all what is there in a marriage - lot of commitments and i dont think todays youth are ready take it.

Bust i can understand its difficult for our oldies to accept it but very soon they will also think the same way. very soon we can see our people accepting all these.

We have our own culture but cant stick to it till death....there should be some changes to every thing...we cant accept everything but lil bit we can...

i thought ill write so much on these lot of things to write will continue in another post...