Friday, January 16, 2009

"Having a good friend is a blessing..."

What you feel when you see this picture for the first time, You feel happy because you have good friends around u, or you will feel sad because till now you ddn't get a good friend.

I used to think always if we wont have friends how it will be- just think when we were small, when we joined our school from that time onwards we will get some one for us. When we are in nursery/ play school we want a friend to play with us, and when we little big we need a friend to tell secrets after that a friend to fight.....but when we are matured why we need friends.....what are they to us....??? Its a simple question. but answer is very hard. In short we can tell like- A friend is someone who will be with us when we are sad or when we are happy, he is a person who can change our tears to happy.

I have met lot of people in my life - in that i got few good friends, they are more than friends to me. After a period of time friends will become a part of our life .

Have you ever thought a life without at least one friend, how it will be. Believe me i tried it once when i got pissed off with a friend, that moment i made a decision like i wont keep any friend ill be happy in my life alone. But i was wrong what life long i couldn't stay more that one month. That time only i realized the value of friends.

Am so happy that i have good & trustable "coutable" friends around me with whom i can share my worries. More than anyone in the world. I think frienship is such a relation where we shouldnt think about anything else....Nothing in this world can be kept instead of frindship. I used to give my friends more value than anything other than family.

Even i used to feel like life partner should be like a friend then only our life will go smoothly. But people will say big big dialogue like this but once into a relation forgets everything. But in friendship no domination no i think in this world if anything owrthy is good friends nothing else...

What you guys feel

If you ddnt get a good trustworthy friend till now, you havent lived your are al alone in your life...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Responsible or Irresponsible

What u think about responsibility?

Is that some thing to put in papers or some topic to gave speech on. A responsible person should be like this like that, from long time am listening to all the "responsibility" speeches

From my view i think responsible person is he/she who will do their own work without anyone's help. I have seen people who needs help of others for each and every thing. I feel like if people cant do their own work why they have to do work others can do it rite.

Other bunch of people who just show some sort of attitude towards work and their colleagues. No more comments on it coz i know most of them will be having the same feeling, you so will be facing such people in ur life. I dont know why people wont react to such people, while working all are equal, i used feel like what ever work work comes across you you have to do it, specially whatever you have to do.

Other few people are there some lazy garfields, who will sit sit sit to the end of the day at the peak time they will start rushing about their work , and start eating every ones head.

What is your feeling about all these? Have you faced all these in your work place? how you overcome it?

Things To make a worlplace interesting and energitic :-

1) Show passion towards work
2) No partiality among colleagues
3) Help your colleagues
4) dont show seniority towards other people
5) good communication among each other

Guys just fill in what u feel like