Friday, November 14, 2008

"smoking banned"

This sounds really a sad news for our poor smokers, smoking has been banned on public places from October 2nd, 2008. two years before in the same way with much buzz i read in paper that smoking is banned in india, but i think no one took it seriously, public read it just like that and left the rule.

What do they think while reading that paper, smoking is banned, most of the people must have thought, " this government doesn't have any other job, they are behind the smokers" and they left it like that two years back.

But now facing so much of trouble this government guys has put the act like " smoking in public places is banned", i thought as usual again another drama by the government but no......this time it was quite serious regarding the issue.

People cant smoke in public places like cinema theatres, shopping malls, offices......But my doubt is then if they want to smoke where they will go.......answer is so simple, i was just going through some news article regarding ban on smoking there i found a line it goes like this "
People can smoke on roads or in their homes, but not in another places," i was really surprised when i read this.

Once i was walking with a group of my friends, while walking one of friend went for a smoke and he was standing on the road, i said him smoking is banned in the city if cops see u r gone, then the reply was like we cant smoke in public places and offices airport and such places, but in road we can smoke, that was really funny.

After that when i walk through street i used to see peple coming from their office stnd onthe road and smoking. so i feel the rule on the ban on smokes is for inside closed rooms, because only few people will be effected on this , but if they are in open area they will have a big target of non smokers to be effected. I think this is what they wanted.

so lets see how long this ban on smoke will be on....i think it was very strict for the first 2- 3 weeks, but now i can see people smoking here and there, what you think is this the same condition for you.

In hotels, pubs every where they have made a smoke zone so that it wont effect the normal public. But i dont know why they have banned smoking because everything is the same now also.

If they have to ban they have ban completely....production of tobaccos also should be banned, people who are supplying tobacco should have proper punishment. If government can have a ban like this in coming months or years they we can say ok, at least government is stable in one thing.

Ban on smoking in public areas in not what we want, Ban on smoking completely weather it is public or private places it should be banned completely.

so i hope for a smoke free India in coming years........hopefully..........

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mobile Evolution ......

Mobiles has become a part of our daily life, not only daily life now a days mobiles are like status of people. when we meet people the first thing which we notice is what mobile he/she is using, which brand it is, from where they bought it, how much did they spend for the mobile.

Before mobile phone hit the market, phones were only a medium of communication, when i born, i think only BSNL connection excited was there to get a mobile connection we have to wait decades. only landline and some telephone booths were there.

But now the condition has completely changed, each and every one is carrying a phone with them. Now phone is not a medium of comunication its also a symbol of living status. 2 years before mobile users were very low but from last year 2008 mobile phones has hit the market to the core.

As i said it not only a medium of communication, various types of mobiles are there in the market, color mobiles, FM mobile, Camera mobiles, MP3 mobiles, these are the features whioch we want in a mobile.
when i went to but my mobile, sale s guy asked me "what ar ethe features you are looking for your mobile", my answer was simple i said, " i want MP3, camera atleast 2 megapixel, FM, GPRS........." and the lsit continued. I think you are also looking for all these features in your mobile.

There is an old saying that 'dog is human beigns best friend', but i think this should be changed now to ' mobile is human beigns best friend' what you say about it. because more than any one else these gadgets are with us for the whole day.

Before and all if we want a mobile we have to go to Nokia or Sony ericssonto get one mobile, but now thanks to mobile retail companies that they have started their stores in every nook and corner across country. If we see there are various mobile shops who sells branded mobiles in less rate, i think UNIVERCELL is the largets mobile retail chain comapny who is having more than 200 showrooms across India, others are like Sangeetha, and so many newborn comapanies like Wavetel, Hash10 etc.

People use mobile for various purpose, like i have my friend who is crazy about taking picture, so he used to choose mobile which is having good picture resolution, some to hear music, and some for office purpose. so for every purpose mobiles are there for us

so what you think about the new evolution of mobile phones.