Sunday, August 24, 2008


women is the creator of world.....they always make the world happy at the same time they make their own happy world........

But at the same time the destroy the world....i think so because of their jealous, selfishness, cruelty, and also greed makes them destroy their own world....the hard work they are having to get a family's love and affection will in water if they decided to make their world hell....

Behind every man's success there will be a women at the same time behind every men's destruction a evil minded women will be there...

thats why am telling "A WOMEN CAN MAKE A WORLD AND DESTROY IT"

so all the lady's over there take care of yourself........and if ur getting true love from ur loved ones dont miss it

Friday, August 22, 2008


I loved you more than I have ever known
Those starry eyes
Those tender lips
You made my heart melt
Then boil into a roaring fire
I now know
What my eyes could not see
You are the only one that is for me
Many nights those tears flew
Being myself without anyone
Anyone to care about the thoughts
Looking at the sky and knowing
Many mistakes I had
Many mistakes I have had

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Broken Heartz

LOVE IS BLIND - all know about that the moment we are in love, we will reach another world-an imaginary world were we construct a dream house...........dreamy world ......dreamy thoughts.......dreams......dreams........dreams..............

BUT.........when our dreams start breaking....we will be down completely "madness....cruelty....."all these will become a part of our life...


if we are breaking a heart we should know how to join it also

"Broken hearts are never healed.
They haunt us for a lifetime even if we find someone else.
Our past teaches us lessons that make us more aware and more human.
Why then do we feel so hurt knowing it can only get better?"